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SharedVu allows your organization to create staff schedules, text in group messages, receive incoming calls and share calendar access outside your organization. It has been built to simplify day-to-day operations.




Built into SharedVu is a simplified but very customizable calendar. Each organization can create their own calendars and share it with people outside their organization. Within each calendar event, administrators can schedule staff to specific dates and times. When a calendar is shared to other SharedVu users, each user can see who is scheduled to work and request callbacks.




SharedVu messaging service keeps your team connected. Create a designated group chat to have everyone up-to-date the latest information. By keeping the power in the administrator hands, you will only be apart of group messages that are important to you.




Schedules are integrated with the calendar. Administrators can easily schedule staff members for different dates and notify them when the schedule has been updated. Need to know when you are working next? SharedVu simplifies this process and saves administrators hours of time.




By using the calendar system, SharedVu simplifies your office after-hours phone line. When someone calls the office after your hours of operation, SharedVu redirects the phone call to the scheduled staff member. This feature scientifically cuts costs for after-hour services. When a voicemail is received, SharedVu automatically transcribes the call so you can read what the person said instead of having to listen to it each time.




When a calendar is shared to users outside their organization, the calendar can be viewed by visiting the SharedVu website or downloading the SharedVu app. No need to download software onto the computer. Easily save the website as a shortcut to your desktop for quick access to the shared calendar.


With lots more amazing features, SharedVu is working to simplify administration tasks and connect to those outside their organization with ease.

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