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Caliber Coffee

Great Coffee. Made for Prairie Folk.



Caliber Coffee Roasters offers high-quality, expertly roasted coffee, serving the people of Saskatchewan with a friendly, authentic, and sustainable approach. They cater to all coffee lovers, including those beyond the prairies who appreciate great coffee​​.


Featured Products


The Ten Acre Blend, a roastery-exclusive, limited edition product, celebrates a decade of crafting high-caliber coffee, embodying the hard work and dedication of the prairie spirit​​.




Their showroom features an array of brewing equipment, gear, and accessories from top brands, catering to every coffee enthusiast’s needs​​.


Why Choose Caliber


Caliber Coffee Roasters is committed to delivering fresh, delicate flavors through meticulously roasted small batches of beans from exceptional coffee farms worldwide, crafted specifically for prairie folk​​.


Notice: Website designed by Bree Casey (Caliber Brand Manager)

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