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Canadian Fairs

Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions



The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (C.A.F.E.) is a hub for community gatherings, offering a cultural and economic boost through various events, festivals, and fairs that foster belonging and connection​​.




C.A.F.E. provides diverse programs and services daily to both members and non-members, supporting the industry’s growth and sustainability​​.


Industry Support


The organization aids the industry with resources like free member job postings and an extensive member zone, enhancing operational capabilities​​.


Annual Convention


A yearly event where members from various sectors gather to develop skills, network, and engage, promoting collaborative growth and innovation​​.


Future Leader Program


Aimed at nurturing the next generation, this initiative focuses on work exchanges, professional development, and skill-building​​.


Industry Impact


C.A.F.E. contributes significantly to local economies, job creation, and attracting visitors, highlighting its importance to regional development​​.


Our Contribution


With all of the resources C.A.F.E offers, they needed a resource hub and builder to allow them to store and generate customized PDF’s in multiple languages.

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