Protect your catalytic converter, toolboxes and more!



CatWatch is a comprehensive security system designed to protect vehicles and their components. It offers robust protection for catalytic converters, toolboxes, and more, aiming to reduce fleet downtime and keep users informed about their vehicle’s status​​.


CatWatch Wireless


By installing a CatWatch Wireless command unit into your vehicle, wireless sensors can be installed anywhere you would like. Sensors are used to detect  movement, opening/closing of assets, and people within a vicinity.


Core Features


The system includes an array of features like on-site alarms, ignition detection, real-time notifications, proximity unlock, sensor lock, audible confirmations, battery updates, GPS tracking, geofencing, scheduling, and authority notification capabilities​​.


Yard Solutions


For organizations with fleet parking or yards, CatWatch offers extensive protection for all vehicles within the command unit’s proximity​​.


CatWatch App


A dedicated app for iOS and Android devices provides 24/7 vehicle updates and instant tamper alerts​​.


Additional Options


Customers can opt for a wired sensor version if they prefer a non-wireless solution​​.

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