G&s Marina Outfitters

Hunting, Fishing & Accommodations



G&S Marina Outfitters is a family and sportsman’s vacation destination located at Rowan’s Ravine, Saskatchewan. They offer a broad range of fishing and hunting packages, along with fully equipped cabins for a comfortable stay​​.




  • Fishing Packages: Tailored packages ranging from beginner to professional levels are available, ensuring a suitable option for every angler​​.
  • Hunting Packages: Professionally guided hunting trips are offered, providing an expert experience in the wilderness​​.
  • Carp Packages: Both day trips and extended 3-day carp fishing packages are available for enthusiasts​​.


Marina Convenience Store


A one-stop shop for cabin check-ins, groceries, hardware, bait, tackle, boat slips, and fuel on water, staffed by trained personnel ready to assist​​.


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