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If your needs encompass web design, mobile app creation, digital marketing, video production, virtual reality experiences, hardware solutions, or graphic design, than have arrived at the correct destination.

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Selling tHe Land

Helping Farmers Sell Land



Selling The Land specializes in aiding farmers during the transitional phase of selling their land, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of agricultural needs​​.




  • Sell My Land: A service that focuses on client interests, confidentiality, and detailed paperwork, backed by a century of agricultural experience and a vast network of specialists​​.
  • Get Land Estimate: Offers land value estimation by analyzing cultivated acres/pasture, soil classes, and recent sales data​​.
    Buy Farm Land: Simplifies the search for farm properties in Saskatchewan with in-house specialists​​.
  • Specialized Planning: Provides various planning services like accounting & tax, estate, insurance, investment, legal, real estate, retirement, succession, and tax planning, each tailored to the specific needs of the farming community​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Additional Resources


Provides videos and downloadable resources for additional information and guidance​​.


Notice: Selling The Land is no longer active but the site still exists as a portfolio piece.

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